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Estate Planning Lawyer in West Hartford

Good things come to those who plan ahead.

Whether your assets are modest or sizable, they are your life savings. You need an estate lawyer in West Hartford to protect your money from taxes and long term care costs.

Planning to protect them now is the key to living stress-free later and to leave more mon to your loved ones.

Don’t procrastinate: call Kearns & Kearns. We’ll make your estate planning a manageable and simple process for you.

Secure the future of everyone and everything that’s important to you.
Our attorneys offer complete estate planning services, including:

  • Creating a Will to benefit and protect your loved ones when you’re gone
  • Choosing an executor to ensure your Will is carried out
  • Appointing a guardian for minor children
  • Creating a living Will that specifies life support instructions
  • Minimizing your estate taxes
  • Managing your care and maintaining your standard of living in the event you become disabled
  • Designating a power of attorney and health care representative
  • Establishing trusts to manage the inherited assets of minors or those with special needs
  • Establishing living trusts that avoid the probate process
  • And more

Estate planning is a continuous process easily affected by a variety of life changes, asset fluctuations, and changing tax laws. Whether those changes are expected or unexpected, we’ll help you make the necessary adjustments to maintain your financial stability.

Learn how we can help you stay ahead by planning ahead.